Why A Floral Refrigerator Is Best For Your Floral Business

Flowers have a shelf life of up to 48 hours in most settings. Shelf life is important for both consumers and florists. No consumer is willing to invest money in live flowers with a short shelf life. By the way, live flowers from florists are expensive, making the shelf life even more important. Florists, on … Read more

Warning Signs: Common Indications Your Walk-In May Need Repair

Most businesses that rely on walk-in coolers and freezers simply can’t do without these appliances. Even being rendered inoperable for just a few hours or a single day could throw your business into shambles. As if you didn’t already have enough to worry about. Unfortunately, just like anything mechanical, walk-in coolers and freezers will eventually … Read more

Protect Your Walk-In Unit Doors And Help Them Last

Your walk-in coolers and freezers are vitally important to your business. When something goes wrong, your food items and profits are going to be put at risk. Plus, it’ll be difficult to keep up with the ongoing demands of your customers. Properly caring for your walk-in coolers will make it easier to avoid problems in … Read more

Keep Your Walk-In Freezer Clean

Whether your business requires a walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer, or both for inventory storage, such appliances are a major driving force. You may not realize just how true that statement is until you experience an unexpected breakdown in the middle of your busy season. One can only shudder at the thought. While it is always … Read more

Is It Time To Replace Your Walk-In Cooler?

No business owner wants to bear the expense of a new walk-in cooler or freezer. Especially not when it is unexpected. It’s one thing to simply replace your appliance, but when it breaks unexpectedly, you might not even be financially prepared to make the replacement. A1 Portland Commercial Refrigeration Repair Sometimes it just makes more … Read more

Ins And Outs Of Walk-In Cooler Door Gaskets

Your walk-in cooler plays a vital role in your business. It helps keep your precious items cool so they do not spoil prematurely. Ultimately, walk-in coolers contain many small components that need to be inspected regularly. Failing to do so could lead to costly repairs soon. Despite being a small component, the door gaskets are … Read more

Employee Safety In Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

Accidents are going to happen in any business. When you have several employees rushing, working long hours, and under high demand, there are bound to eventually be problems. It’s more than easy to get lost in one’s thoughts and lose proper track of thinking and end up in an accident. This is how most accidents … Read more

Different Types Of Walk-In Unit Doors And How They Work

Walk-in refrigerators and walk-in freezers are commonly utilized in various industries. These large appliances serve as cold storage for food, pharmaceuticals, live flowers, beverages, blood products, ice, and cosmetics. A1 Portland Commercial Refrigeration Repair Walk-in freezers utilize refrigerants like R-134A. The refrigerant is stored inside a pressurized system. The primary purpose of refrigerant is to … Read more

Controlling Odor In Your Walk-In Refrigerator Or Freezer

Owning a walk-in freezer means you’re going to have to manage multiple responsibilities. You have to take care of the equipment and gaskets. You’ll also want to properly maintain the system to ensure you have no problem keeping your foods frozen. Furthermore, you’ll have small issues to worry about. Over time, you may begin noticing … Read more

Avoid Costly Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Your business likely sells foods and drinks. Your guests want to grab a cold drink on their way out. You need to make sure that your business can keep up with their needs. If your drinks are constantly warm, there is a good chance that your customers will stop buying drinks from you. Display cases … Read more