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Many schools use milk coolers so they can provide students with delicious milk during lunch. It is also common to find milk coolers in hospitals, restaurants, and other cafeterias. The equipment is specifically designed to keep milk cold and safe. If milk is not chilled, it is going to spoil making it unsafe for human consumption. Our company has worked on milk coolers for a long time so we can diagnose and fix problems rapidly. We’re always ready to help local clients. We offer services to local elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. Our services are also available to other business owners. Call our office to learn more about our services or to buy a new, used, or refurbished unit.

Issues Associated With Milk Coolers

Although your milk cooler is working correctly right now, it could malfunction in a matter of minutes. Therefore, you cannot delay resolving this problem. We’re confident that our specialists will be able to fix this issue for you conveniently. Whether you’re ready to replace your old milk cooler or the compressor has malfunctioned, you can depend on us to resolve the issue. We have years of experience in this field and plenty of confidence. Once you’ve noticed that your milk coolers aren’t cooling properly, you must find out what is causing the problem. It could be one of the following issues.

  • The compressor has malfunctioned so it is no longer working correctly
  • Something has gone wrong with the vacuum pump
  • The unit’s coils have been damaged
  • The door seals are cracked or ripped

Reasons To Call Us For Service

We want you to call our office to receive service promptly. Your commercial milk coolers are vital to your business since they allow you to serve delicious milk to your customers. If your coolers aren’t working correctly, the milk is likely getting too hot. Typically, milk should remain between 33 and 38 degrees until the carton is served. When exposed to hotter temperatures, the milk will spoil. While commercial milk coolers are designed to last, they’re not going to last forever. Consistent maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your coolers, but you must replace them at some point. We hope you’ll let us help you.

We offer services around the clock and treat our clients with the utmost respect. We strive to provide affordable solutions to each of your problems.

Benefits Of Our Services

We try to provide numerous benefits with our services.

  • The factory warranty is still usable
  • We offer a local warranty as well
  • Our technicians are trained to the fullest
  • We can repair any refrigeration equipment in your kitchen
  • We’ll reach your business promptly
  • We have quick access to the most important replacement parts

Our Specialists

Our specialists offer the following benefits.

  • We can repair the malfunctioning equipment on-site
  • New equipment can be installed and old equipment can be removed
  • Our company offers planned maintenance services
  • Reliable refurbishment services are available
  • We take quality control seriously
  • Our services can be delivered day or night

Call Our Specialist Today

Our company wants to help you. When you pick us as your service provider, you can guarantee that we’re going to go above and beyond to resolve the problem satisfactorily. We can repair all types of commercial refrigeration equipment including commercial milk coolers. Once something malfunctions in your kitchen, you need to repair it promptly. Ultimately, this is why you’ll want to pick us. We have specialists waiting to serve you and repair your problem. After your first call, a team will be dispatched to your property.

Before you know it, the problem will be resolved. Call today to learn more about us and our services.

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