Why A Floral Refrigerator Is Best For Your Floral Business

Flowers have a shelf life of up to 48 hours in most settings. Shelf life is important for both consumers and florists. No consumer is willing to invest money in live flowers with a short shelf life. By the way, live flowers from florists are expensive, making the shelf life even more important. Florists, on the other hand, need their live flowers to last longer to avoid financial loss. A1 Portland Commercial Refrigerator There are two florists, one of which delivers flowers with a long shelf life and the other with a short shelf life. Which florist do you think consumers will want to shop at?

Florist Refrigerators

Commercial refrigerators for flower shops are equipped with one or two swing doors. The size must be customized to fit into a commercial setting. The internal compartment temperature is maintained between 33 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Florist refrigerators utilize fans to deliver consistent airflow throughout the interior compartment. The humidity level is high to keep the flowers from drying out. Traditional refrigerators do not provide the same environment. The humidity level inside a traditional refrigerator is about 65 percent compared to 95 percent inside a florist refrigerator.

Florist Refrigerator Maintenance

Florist refrigerators are no different than other commercial appliances. They operate 24/7 to maintain a suitable environment for live flowers. The continuous operation causes damage to all the internal components. Since the setting is a florist, the exterior components, such as the doors and door hardware also sustain a significant amount of damage. The key to ensuring your live flowers are stored in the right environment, routine maintenance is vital. Florida refrigerator maintenance includes a thorough cleaning, visual inspection, and repairs whenever necessary. Routine maintenance will decrease the risk of a full-blown malfunction. As a florist, you know the importance of having reliable refrigerators. Even if you have three florist refrigerators, a malfunction of one unit can put a lot of strain on your business. Arrangements must be made to ensure all the live flowers are stored inside a refrigerator. You have one broken refrigerator with a lot of flowers needing to be stored. There is only one way to avoid a financial loss. With routine maintenance, you may never find yourself in this unpredictable situation. A florist refrigerator offers a broad range of benefits. Humidity, airflow, and cold temperatures protect the stem, leaves, and petals of flowers. This environment decreases the risk of dehydration and bacteria growth that shorten the shelf life of flowers.

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