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What Makes Our Portland Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services Unique?

 If you are a grocery store owner or a convenience store owner you probably depend on your freezers and coolers for most of your business. This is especially true during the summer months. No one wants to come into a store and get a melted ice cream or a hot soda on a 90-degree day. And you probably wouldn’t want to serve these items in this condition, but that is what you are going to be doing if your coolers and freezers aren’t working properly. Unfortunately, breakdowns are going to happen from time to time and this is where our commercial refrigeration repair services in Portland can come in handy. So, what really makes us one of the most unique provides in the local area?

Helping You Maintain Your Equipment

 It is true that breakdowns are going to happen, regardless of what you do. However, there is a way to minimize these breakdowns and even catch some of them before they occur. This is where our preventive maintenance program can come in handy. We offer a maintenance service in which we will send a tech to your place of business every six months and clean your coils and inspect your system. This includes checking the electrical circuits, the amps on the motors, and the refrigeration levels. These checks will not only ensure you that your equipment is running effectively as possible, but they could help our techs catch problems ahead of time and prevent future breakdowns.

Highly Skilled Techs With Extensive Knowledge

 When you hire someone to perform a service you without a doubt want that individual to be qualified and able to handle the job. Well, you can rest assured knowing that is what you are going to get from our techs. We not only hand pick the best of the best, but we put all our techs through training programs, education programs, and retraining programs. In fact, every one of our employees are required to attend at least two to three retraining and reeducating programs on a yearly basis.

Fully Certified And Licensed

 When it comes to commercial refrigeration repair in Portland the licenses and certifications can get tricky. It is true that the law requires an individual to be licensed and certified before he is legally allowed to work on a piece of commercial refrigeration equipment. And you will notice that most companies are licensed and certified. In fact, it is posted all over their building and vehicles. However, if you look closely you will notice that the building and vehicle all contain the same number. All this really means is that there is one individual at that company that is licensed and certified. Every other individual there can work under this one individual’s licenses.

This is what makes us different than our competitors. Yes, we just have one license number listed on our trucks and buildings, but you can easily find out that all our techs are certified and licensed. This is one of the many requirements that we make our employees go through before they are fully hired on.

Providing Clear Headed Workers

 Having an employee that is on drugs or foreign substances is bad for every one. There is not only a chance that he could hit and kill someone, but there is a chance that he could damage something on the job. We know that drugs are a major problem in the Portland area and we are doing everything we can to battle this. Our commercial refrigeration repair Portland Company not only drug tests employees before they are hired, but we randomly test them as well. We have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of abuse and once we catch an employee they are out the door. When our techs show up at your front door, you can rest assured that they will be clear headed and ready to handle the job at hand.

We Provide Support To The Local Community

 Portland is truly a good place to live with a lot of great individuals. Sure, there are some bad parts, but you are going to find bad parts everywhere. Not only is our commercial refrigeration repair company based in Portland, but also most of our employees live in the local community. Over the years of living in the community we have truly grown to love it. We love the community, everything about it, and the locals. This is why our company is always willing to do everything that we possibly can to make it better. You will probably find our names on many local sports teams, on fundraiser, and food drives.

When you hire us to handle your repair needs you can rest assured that some of your money is going to be funneled back into the local community to aid and support it. Help us help the local community.

Insured With The Best Policies Available

 You probably already know that it is absolutely imperative to only do business with commercial refrigeration companies in Portland that are insured. That being said you need to make sure that the company has the right insurance policies. Most companies are insured to protect their employees, tools, and vehicles. This is where our company truly stands out. We went out and specifically purchased a special policy known as errors and omissions insurance. This insurance will protect you, your customers, and your business in the event that we do something to cost you financial losses.

For instance, if one of our techs drops a tool on a customer and knocks out his or her tooth, our policy will cover the medical expenses. This ensures that you never have to worry about lawsuits or sustaining financial losses when dealing with our company.

Dressed To Impress With Identification

 How many times have you called a commercial refrigeration repair company in Portland and they showed up looking like an average Joe? No uniform, no nametag, and you probably didn’t even know if you were dealing with the right individual. This is not only scary, but it can be frustrating. You don’t know if you are getting scammed or what’s going on. Well, this is why we make sure our employee wear company supplied uniforms with the proper identification. When we show up on the job we will not only look impressive, but also our techs will have the proper identification to let you know who they are.

As a business owner you know that appearances are judged. This might not always be right, but the right appearance could mean the difference between a sale and loss. We completely understand this and that is why we want our employees to represent us in the right light.

The Perks Of Selecting Us

When it comes down to it, we outshine the competition. We’ll do everything possible to ensure that we surpass the performance of our competitors.

  • We strive to maintain the highest quality standards
  • We offer the greatest prices possible
  • Our team will work around the clock to solve your problem
  • Our techs are experienced in commercial refrigeration repair
  • We have access to the tools and supplies needed
  • We can fix any make and model

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